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Jan 15, 2018

Set Phasers - Emily de Molly Empty Journal

I have an amazingly glowy polish to show y'all today!

[Bottle to nail: Emily de Molly Empty Journal (2 coats)]
This is Emily de Molly Empty Journal - an amazing blue foil with duochrome blue-to-purple shimmer. My camera just couldn't keep up with all this glowy goodness!

[2 coats: Emily de Molly Empty Journal]
This was two coats - excellent formula as always from Emily de Molly. Quick dry time, great coverage and really eye-catching colour.

[2 coats: Emily de Molly Empty Journal]
Also, it lasts forever! This lasted over two weeks with some tip wear before I removed it for a new shade.

[2 coats: Emily de Molly Empty Journal]
Here you can see the blue-purple duochrome shimmer coming through at an angle. Definitely an amazing colour and one I'm happy to have in my collection!

Jan 11, 2018

Floral Green - Decals

Hello hello, happy 2018, everyone! I'm glad Ev posted a proper New Year's post because I don't have anything properly ready. It's been pretty busy and I haven't had time to do anything much with my nails. I guess this post is just to show that when you're in a rush, decals are a great way to slap on something quick while ensuring your nails look interesting.

[Floral Green]
The decals were a gift so I'm not sure where they're from. Honestly, I haven't noticed much difference between cheaper and pricier decals. The cheapest of the cheaps do look pixelated so that's the only thing to watch out for. Otherwise, most decals have similar qualities.

Jan 8, 2018

Space Age - Dance Legend Wow Prism Just Another Star

Happy 2018! It's that time again, and I've remembered to check out the brand new Pantone Colour of the Year... =)

[Pantone Color of the Year 2018 - Ultra Violet 18-3838]
Here it is - Ultra Violet! The actual swatch seems to be a slightly dusty violet shade but I loved the galaxy illustration they've got going on here.

[Bottle to nail: Dance Legend Just Another Star (3 coats)]
The shade I chose for this is from the Dance Legend Wow Prism holographic collection - this one is Just Another Star. These polishes feature a large particle scattered holo which really brings the galaxy theme to mind.

[3 coats: Dance Legend Just Another Star]
In terms of shade, this one is a pretty true purple, not really leaning red or blue. The formula is a bit on the thin watery side so I needed three coats to get a nice rich colour. On the plus side, it self-levels well and dries quickly to a nice smooth finish.

[3 coats: Dance Legend Just Another Star]
The holo particles do not stick up at all! In diffuse light, they look like a mild silver sparkle, giving the shade an overall dusty look. However, with direct lighting or sunlight....

[3 coats: Dance Legend Just Another Star]
Voila! Sparkles galore! I think I didn't swatch this for a while because of the sheerness, but I have to say, dry time is short enough that it's not a big deal to do three coats.

Alrighty then, that's our first post of 2018 - perhaps the idea is that perseverance is key! =p 

Dec 28, 2017

Morning blooms - Emily de Molly Whim of the Winds

This is a swatch for a nail polish that I always wanted, but somehow only got around to getting now!

[Emily de Molly Whim of the Winds]
This is Emily de Molly's Whim of the Winds. It's this soft but still vibrant cornflower hue, complete with linear holo and small flakies. I think this is the best shade of cornflower blue I have, and I love that it has these little touches that makes it extra pretty, with the holo and flakes. <3

Dec 25, 2017

All I Want - Lacquistry Rediculous, Kleancolor Nail to Toe Gold Dipped

I hope everyone is having lovely Christmas! Here's a silly themed manicure... which isn't even from this year, oops!

[Bottle to nail: Lacquistry Rediculous (2 coats); Striping: Kleancolor Gold Dipped]
The base is the always gorgeous Lacquistry Rediculous - the shimmery red version of the totes amazing Lacquistry Amazeballs. Gorgeous formula and amazing pigment, I used two coats for a deep, even shade.

[Base: Lacquistry Rediculous (2 coats); Striping: Kleancolor Gold Dipped]
I did a simple stripe lengthwise and crosswise over each nail with Kleancolor Nail to Toe in Gold Dipped, before adding a matching bow sticker over the top.

[Base: Lacquistry Rediculous (2 coats); Striping: Kleancolor Gold Dipped]
Add a generous layer of topcoat, and you're all set for the silly season! =)

Dec 22, 2017

Tree Decorations - Born Pretty V-shaped nail sequins, Orly Meet Me Under The Mistletoe

Hello, hello, and seasons greetings! I have a little box of shinies to try out today.

So I got my hands on what I'll call iridescent V-shaped nail sequins from Born Pretty. These are interesting and you can do all sorts of things with them. You have probably seen some pretty shiny flower patterns, made out of these sequins.

I decided to try something more Christmassy in theme.

[Base: Orly Meet Me Under The Mistletoe
Born Pretty V-shaped nail sequins]

I started with the base of course, which was Orly's Meet Me Under The Mistletoe, a dark green colour with hints of duochrome-blue at extreme angles. Then I stuck on some of the sequins so it would have a passing resemblance to a Christmas  tree.

So, does that pass as a Christmas tree, with an additional nail rhinestone at the top to symbolise a tree topper? I wasn't sure, so I thought I would keep going.

[Base: Orly Meet Me Under The Mistletoe
Born Pretty V-shaped nail sequins]
More nail rhinestones to represent baubles! :D  These are just regular nail rhinestones.

Then I decided the other nails were too bare so I thought I would add little symbolic Christmas trees.

[Base: Orly Meet Me Under The Mistletoe
Born Pretty V-shaped nail sequins]
You'll notice in the last two photos, the V-shaped nail sequins seem to have changed colour. So in the earlier photos, the sequins have a distinctive purple to gold duochrome sheen. But in the last two photos, the sequins are of a solid rose-gold shade. Apparently, the top coat to seal in the sequins eats away the layer of duochrome on the sequins to leave a rose-gold shade. If you go without a top coat, it's not likely the sequins would stay on for longer than a day, so it's not something you can skip.

What do you think about the Christmas theme? Did I pull it off?

If you're interested, you can also check out similar items at Born Pretty and use our 10% discount code for full priced items!