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Nov 16, 2017

Glass Waves - Dance Legend Mini Velvet 12

I'm surprised that I haven't swatched this yet! This is Dance Legend's Velvet Mini 12.

[Number Twelve]
This is #12 from Dance Legend's Velvet Mini collection and it's gorgeous! It's this dusty duochrome blue-green velvet matte foil which I just love.

[Dance Legend's Velvet Mini 12]
The duochrome-y is subtle, not very in your face, but I think it suits the overall dusty colour. As usual, it was a smooth application. It dries a velvet matte pretty quickly. If you do apply a topcoat, it would be super shiny.

Nov 13, 2017

Sheer Petal - Liquid Sky Lacquer 24 Karat Rose

Ah, here's a polish that I've had for ages but just could never get to work for me!

[Bottle to nail: Liquid Sky Lacquer 24 Karat Rose (2 coats)]
This is Liquid Sky Lacquer 24 Karat Rose, a sheer shimmer thermal polish which is meant to shift from gold when warm to a rose red shade when cold.

[2 coats: Liquid Sky Lacquer 24 Karat Rose]
This was two coats, in the warm gold shade. As you can see, it is sheer enough that there is still a visible nail line. However, it's quite a nice soft shimmer finish. I think it would be quite nice for a subtle worksafe manicure.

[2 coats: Liquid Sky Lacquer 24 Karat Rose]
Now I literally hung on to a bag of frozen peas for a few minutes, with the nail tips pressed up against the cold, but I just cannot get it to shift further than a soft peachy pink shade!

[2 coats: Liquid Sky Lacquer 24 Karat Rose]
I've googled around and people are getting this amazingly bright rose red shade but I am coming nowhere close, oh dear... I guess I'll just have to manage with a soft blush rather than raging rose.. =p

Nov 9, 2017

Are you feeling lucky - Mckfresh LD 62

I'm surprised that I haven't posted swatches of this yet! I got this at the Aussie Indie Con 2017, which was Australia's indie nail polish convention held this June.

[Mckfresh LD 62]
I got this lucky dip nail polish from Mckfresh. Mckfresh's LD 62 has a very pale mint green creme base and matte glitter in green, blue, black, white, purple and yellow, and in shapes of triangles, circles, hexagonals, and bars. The variety of shapes and colours somehow really go well together.

[Mckfresh LD 62]
The sprinkling of matte black microglitter and near invisible white glitter just completes the layered look. LD 62 applied smoothly and had an abundance of glitter which made application easy and pretty. No fishing for glitter required.

Nov 6, 2017

Undersea Speckle - Dance Legend Caviar Polish Zebrasoma

Last week's polish made the perfect base for another untried, so I went ahead and painted over it!

[Bottle to nail: Dance Legend Caviar Zebrasoma (1 coat);
Base: Dance Legend HammeRing Creep (1 coat)]
Here's another Dance Legend polish, this time from the Caviar collection - this is Zebrasoma. As you can guess, this is a jelly-based polish with tiny white and black unfoiled glitter pieces. It took a lot of squinting but it appears to me that it's the blue base that gives the illusion of many different shades of blue speckles (it's actually the white glitter seen through different depths of the jelly base).

[Topper: Dance Legend Caviar Zebrasoma (1 coat);
Base: Dance Legend HammeRing Creep (1 coat)]
I had to use quite a thick coat to get this density of glitter, and intensity of base. The effect is gorgeous, really glossy and excellent depth. However, this polish is quite runny and takes a while to dry with the thicker coats I was using, so it would run to one side of the nail or spill over if I wasn't careful about keeping my nails level while it was drying!

[Topper: Dance Legend Caviar Zebrasoma (1 coat);
Base: Dance Legend HammeRing Creep (1 coat)]
Still a nice effect, if you can deal with carefully drying your nails, or maybe doing multiple thin coats instead. I was definitely being a bit impatient! =p

Nov 2, 2017

Starry Blue Skies - Sally Hansen Blue Me Away!, Sally Hansen: Sea-ing Stars

Time to be lazy but still glam it up a little!

[Blue the Stars across the Seas]

[Base: Sally Hansen Blue Me Away!
Glitter: Sally Hansen: Sea-ing Stars]
These are out of my untried stash. I used Sally Hansen's Blue Me Away! as the base coat. Blue Me Away! is an opaque creme blue, and I admit I bought the polish partially for the name. :P I went over the middle-to-tips of the nails with Sally Hansen's Sea-ing Stars. Another great name! Sea-ing Stars has blue-green leaning clear holo glitter in a teal jelly base. The colour of Sea-ing Stars' base doesn't show up against Blue Me Away, but the glitter comes through well. The glitter is shiny but subtle enough that it isn't too in your face.

[Base: Sally Hansen Blue Me Away!
Glitter: Sally Hansen: Sea-ing Stars]
Overall, a satisfactory result for an easy to produce mani.

Oct 30, 2017

Weathered Metal - Dance Legend HammeRing Creep

I've been trying to work through my years-old untrieds... so the next few posts will mostly be me trying to clear through them!

[Bottle to nail: Dance Legend HammeRing Creep (1 coat)]
This one is an interesting one from the Dance Legend HammeRing collection. This collection features a hammered metal finish, which you can sort of see up above.

[1 coat: Dance Legend HammeRing Creep]
The shade I'm wearing is called Creep, and it's a steely blue chrome polish, opaque in one coat. It is slightly brush-strokey but the hammered finish actually hides it quite well. The effect shows up as the polish dries, and one coat is sufficient for this polish.

[1 coat: Dance Legend HammeRing Creep]
I'm not quite sure if I'm a fan or not! It's certainly very interesting, I even got some pitting-like effects so it really looks like old metal. However, from afar, the effect is not very clear so it sort of looks like a slightly uneven coat of polish! Perhaps I need to experiment a bit more to bring out the hammered finish to best effect...